A MCollective agent that executes `grep`
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Mgrep Agent Plugin

The mgrep agent remotely executes grep with a limited set of supported command line switches.


  • Follow the basic plugin install guide by placing agent/mgrep.rb and agent/auditlogger.ddl in the agent directory. The file application/mgrep.rb should be put in the application directory.

  • You can also use 'mco plugin package' to build packages to be installed on your servers and clients. mco plugin package mcollective-mgrep-agent


By default you don't need to do any configuration to use the mgrep agent. You can deploy a plugin config file called mgrep.cfg which contains a list of files or directory paths which you do not want searched. The format of the mgrep.cfg file is one file path per line. For example you might have something like this in your file.


With the above blacklist the following files could not be grepped



Find the nameserver entries in /etc/resolv.conf
mco mgrep -f /etc/resolv.conf -p nameserver

Find the baseurl for any file matching /etc/yum.repos.d/. Notice that if you don't single quote the splat it won't get passed through correctly.
mco mgrep -f '/etc/yum.repos.d/
' -p baseurl

Search a blacklisted file
mco mgrep -f /etc/shadow -p root
---- output for somenode.yo ---->
Blacklisted file(s): /etc/shadow

Ignore case on a search
mco mgrep -f /etc/puppet/puppet.conf -p ssl -i

Invert the match
mco mgrep -f /etc/puppet/puppet.conf -p ssl -i -V