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LoLGuessWho (Live Site)

Submission for the 2016 Riot API Challange.

A game where the user tries to guess a summoner's top 3 mastery champions. It can be a game to play amongst friends or even to see how well you know your favorite pro-player/streamer.

The website has a very striaght-forward design in which the user uses the search bar at the bottom of the page to make champion guesses. Number of guesses and total time taken are acting as a sort of grade for how well the user did. The lower the time and guesses the better the user performed. Also this allows people to determine a winner out of a group of friends, and show off how well they know the searched summoner.

If you would like to view a demo of the site go here

Accessing the Site

There are two ways to access the site.

  1. Go here to visit the live site hosted on github pages.

  2. Or clone down the files and open the home.html file in your preferred browser.

Just a note, the site uses some fancy CSS which is not supported by IE or Edge. It is recommended to open the site in Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.


The server is hosted on Amazon Web Services using Elastic Beanstalk. The files are in this repo to look at, however the api keys have been removed for obvious reasons.