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Debian/Ubuntu config packaging example
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This is an example of how to use debian-config-packaging for creating custom Debian/Ubuntu configurations.

The base and igbinary directories are built into packages/example-config-base_1.0-gXXXXXXX_all.deb and packages/example-config-igbinary_1.3-gYYYYYYY_all.deb. All directories which are added to Git (except debian) are built. The package version is deduced from the current Git commit; the 1 in 1.3 comes from the latest Git tag name and the 3 comes from the number of successive commits until the latest commit which has changed the package directory.

Base package features

  • Requires distcc to be installed.
  • Replaces /etc/default/distcc with a custom version and restarts distccd.
  • Un-diverts /etc/crontab (as if it had been diverted by an older version of this package, but now we want the original).

Igbinary package features

  • Requires PHP and our base configuration to be installed.
  • Provides a custom-built version of the igbinary PHP extension.
  • Writes a notice to syslog that php5-fpm might need restarting.

Unused features

  • /usr/share/keyrings/*.gpg files will be automatically registered with APT.