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Somleng is a collection of open source tools which provide a full-stack cloud communications platform. The goal of the project is to break down the economic and accessibility barriers to communications.

Our vision is a world where communications is accessible to everyone.

You can use Somleng to roll out your own programmable voice and SMS to:

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Somleng is sponsored by the UNICEF Innovation Fund.


  1. Entrypoint for the Somleng Project

    HTML 32 8

  2. somleng Public

    Open Source Cloud Communications Platform

    Ruby 34 8

  3. SomlengSWITCH. Somleng's TwiML Engine, FreeSWITCH configuration and infrastructure.

    Ruby 17 6

  4. sms-gateway Public

    Connect Somleng to your own SMS Gateway


  5. Open Source Contact Center Platform and Call Flow Manager for Somleng (or Twilio)

    Ruby 20 15

  6. Terraform module which creates CloudFront resources as a reverse proxy on AWS

    HCL 2


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