Adds colors to file names in the side bar and panes of Atom editor
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keymaps Update filetype-color.cson Jan 31, 2015

filetype-color package

##Description This package makes it possible to modify the colors of file names in the side bar and the panes.

When enabled it will add an extra class according to the file extension, for example:

  • ".js" files get "filetype-color-js"
  • ".jpg" files get "filetype-color-jpg"
  • ".php" files get "filetype-color-php"

There are already some predefined colors, but if you want to override or add colors you can do it in your own "styles.less" file. An example could be:

.filetype-color-js { color: #90c276; }

##Usage Toggle on and off with ctrl-alt-cmd-b

##Screenshot Screenshot

##Disclaimer Since I don't code in coffeescript and the Atom API docs still leave a lot to be desired I couldn't see if there are any events fired when content changes in the tree and pane view. Until I figure that out, this package will be using the MutationObserver to listen for DOM changes. Probably a less desireable solution as it creates uneeded overhead and leaves me with no other choice but to set some timeouts before applying the colors. Any insight to how it may be optimized is appreciated.