This plugin places a decorative dropped initial capital letter to the start of the first paragraph of a text.
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Grav DropCaps Plugin

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This plugin places a decorative dropped initial capital letter to the start of the first paragraph of a text.

Table of Contents:


DropCaps are used for the first letter of a paragraph and generally used once on the page. It is a very old technique, pre-dating the invention of movable type, and they indicate to the reader that a new section of text has begun.

DropCaps can be created using CSS only (with the :first-letter pseudo-attribute), which is supported by all major Internet browsers. However, if the first paragraph starts with an opening quote followed by a letter, it will style the quote and not the first letter as a drop-cap. This plugin circumvent this by adding mark-up to your posts and pages which allows you to create wicked drop-caps like this

Screenshot DropCaps Plugin

Further it allows you to replace the first letter of user-specified paragraphs with an image of a letter and to capitalize the first x characters of a paragraph (breaking on word boundaries or optionally punctuation).

Installation and Updates

Installing or updating the DropCaps plugin can be done in one of two ways. Using the GPM (Grav Package Manager) installation update method (i.e. bin/gpm install dropcaps) or manual install by downloading this plugin and extracting all plugin files to


For more informations, please check the Installation and update guide.


The DropCaps plugin comes with some sensible default configuration, that are pretty self explanatory:

Config Defaults

# Global plugin configurations

enabled: true                 # Set to false to disable this plugin completely
built_in_css: true            # Use built-in CSS of the plugin
weight: -5                    # Set the weight (order of execution)

# Global and page specific configurations

process: true                 # Toggle to process drop-caps on the page or not
  enabled: false              # Toggle to (de-)activate titling of text
  first_line: false           # Highlight first line of paragraph
  breakpoints: ".:;!?'\"-"    # Specify which characters will end titling

If you need to change any value, then the best process is to copy the dropcaps.yaml file into your users/config/plugins/ folder (create it if it doesn't exist), and then modify there. This will override the default settings.

If you want to alter the settings for one or a few pages only, you can do so by adding page specific configurations into your page headers, e.g.

    enabled: true
    first_line: true

to highlight the first line of paragraph instead of only the first sentence.

CSS Stylesheet Override

Something you might want to do is to override the look and feel of the drop-caps, and with Grav it is super easy.

Copy the stylesheet assets/css/dropcaps.css into the css folder of your custom theme, and add it to the list of CSS files.


After that set the built_in_css option of the DropCaps plugin to false. That's it.

You can now edit, override and tweak the stylesheet however you prefer. You can style the whole drop-cap using the class .dropcaps. If you prefer styling individual drop-caps, just add styles to the class .dropcaps-x, where x denotes the lowercased letter you are interested in.


You can contribute at any time! Before opening any issue, please search for existing issues and review the guidelines for contributing.

After that please note:

  • If you find a bug or would like to make a feature request or suggest an improvement, please open a new issue. If you have any interesting ideas for additions to the syntax please do suggest them as well!
  • Feature requests are more likely to get attention if you include a clearly described use case.
  • If you wish to submit a pull request, please make again sure that your request match the guidelines for contributing and that you keep track of adding unit tests for any new or changed functionality.

Support and donations

If you like my project, feel free to support me via Flattr or by sending me some bitcoins to 1HQdy5aBzNKNvqspiLvcmzigCq7doGfLM4.



Copyright (c) 2015 Benjamin Regler. See also the list of contributors who participated in this project.

Dual-licensed for use under the terms of the MIT or GPLv3 licenses.

GNU license - Some rights reserved