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global with sharing class ApexContinuationClass {
@AuraEnabled(continuation=true cacheable=true)
global static Object getProduct(Integer productId, Integer latency){
// Make an HTTPRequest as we normally would
// Remember to configure a Remote Site Setting for the service!
String url = '' + productId + '?latency=' + latency;
HttpRequest req = new HttpRequest();
// Create a Continuation for the HTTPRequest
Continuation con = new Continuation(60);
con.state = con.addHttpRequest(req);
con.continuationMethod = 'callback';
// Return it to the system for processing
System.debug('returned from server'+con);
return con;
global static Object callback(Object state) {
HttpResponse response = Continuation.getResponse((String)state);
Integer statusCode = response.getStatusCode();
if (statusCode >= 2000) {
return 'Continuation error: ' + statusCode;
System.debug('response @@'+response.getBody()+'Status code'+statusCode);
return response.getBody();
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