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Gatsby Theme - Simple Bio

Gatsby theme simple bio is released under the MIT license. Current npm package version. Downloads per month on npm. Total downloads on npm.

This theme is developed using gatsby. One can use this theme for having a website with brief introduction and social profiles.

Directory structure

  • demo: Contains demo for the theme (To be used with yarn workspaces)
  • gatsby-theme-simple-bio: Theme's code folder
  • starter: Starter using the theme

Theme's documentation is available in

How to use this repo

  • While developing theme

    • Get the theme set up locally.
    git clone
    cd gatsby-theme-simple-bio
    yarn install
    • Start the demo site.

      yarn develop

      The demo will start at http://localhost:8000

      NOTE: If you’re new to Yarn workspaces, check out this post for details.

  • As a starter

    • Get the starter set up locally.
    git clone
    cd gatsby-theme-simple-bio/starter
    npm install
    • Start the starter site.
    gatsby develop