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Foundation to build HMVC layout
PHP Python Makefile
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Block migrate ErrorElement
Cache Fixed response ttl if no block has been rendered
Command improve context management
DependencyInjection fix phpdoc
Event Add more code, and screenshots of the profiler
Exception corrected English grammar (s/does not exists/does not exist)
Form/Type add option to hide container block types
Model fix day representation in seconds
Profiler/DataCollector Fixed typos
Resources fix documentation build error
Templating/Helper fix day representation in seconds
Tests Add getBlockMetadata function for BaseBlockService
Twig Refactor GlobalVariables ... and add test
Util fix javascripts and stylesheets when using cache backend
.gitignore ignore Composer-related files
.travis.yml Update .travis.yml improve context management http => https
Makefile improve context management http => https
SonataBlockBundle.php Fix regression in PageBundle and allows base template to be changed Allow the manager to be defined in the configuration
build.xml Add missing build.xml
composer.json http => https
phpunit.xml.dist first commit (port from the PageBundle)

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