The function "cmf_document_locales" does not exist #99

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The function "cmf_document_locales" does not exist in SonataDoctrinePHPCRAdminBundle:CRUD:locales.html.twig at line 5

I tried to call /admin/bundle/content/multilangstaticcontent/list.

As far as I can see this function is simply gone symfony-cmf/core-bundle#25

Update: Well, It isn't just gone, but something happened, that makes the function disappearing


it is now only available if the twig extension sees the DocumentManager of phpcr-odm. (see the full diff here do you not have the phpcr-odm bundle with doctrine enabled? or can you investigate if $this->dm is null in the twig extension?


The Core-Bundle was not enabled (AppKernel) 😔 I guess %symfony_cmf_core.document_manager_name% wasn't available and thus $this->dm must have been null... Didn't looked at it further, because after adding the core-bundle it worked.

Sorry for the incovenience. Must say, that I wonder why this is the first "real" problem that appears, because the core-bundle is missing.

@KingCrunch KingCrunch closed this Mar 18, 2013

ah ok. at the moment core bundle is just a conglomeration of stuff that fits nowhere else, more of a StuffBundle really, but Core sounded nicer :-)

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