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Merge pull request #245 from bigfoot90/master

Correct permission check for images on posts list
latest commit 97883dad46
@rande rande authored
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Admin hide context
Block migrate ErrorElement
Command Apply PHP-CS-Fixer
Controller Small logic simplification
DependencyInjection Make serializer.xml available
Document Add pagination on get post comments
Entity Add support for PostgreSQL in the command 'sonata:news:sync-comments-…
Form/Type Fix comment management
Mailer Apply PHP-CS-Fixer
Model Prevent unsetting of post publication start date on update
Permalink Migrage code to use the classification bundle
Resources Correct permission check for images on posts list
Serializer Added serializer handlers
Status Added status renderer for bootstrap3 admin compatibility
Tests fix tests
Twig/Extension fix issue with doctrine annotation driver
Util Apply PHP-CS-Fixer
.gitignore Merge remote branch 'origin/2.0'
.travis.yml Update .travis.yml
CHANGELOG.txt Added details about what's been done on the template http => https
Makefile Fix validation http => https
SonataNewsBundle.php update the code to the last symfony changes Fixed typos
build.xml Add build process for jenkins integration
composer.json http => https
phpunit.xml.dist Add build process for jenkins integration

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