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### [BC BREAK] 2014-02-25
* Refactored ``SonataUserBundle:Security:login.html.twig`` template to add twig blocks and change layout.
* Added a registration form handling solution (configuration has changed as well but default values are present).
### [BC BREAK] 2014-01-21
* Refactored ``SonataUserBundle:Security:login.html.twig`` & ``SonataUserBundle:Block:account.html.twig`` templates to replace {% render controller(...) %} calls by {% render url(...) %} calls.
* Added routing files to fully override FOSUser routing & controllers.
* Added controllers to fullyu override FOSUser controllers.
* Those overrides are optionnal, see documentation to see which routing files use depending on your usage.
### [BC BREAK] 2014-01-06
* Refactored ``SonataUserBundle:Security:login.html.twig`` & ``SonataUserBundle:Block:account.html.twig`` templates to add Bootstrap3 classes support.
### [BC BREAK] 2013-10-16
* Refactored SonataUserBundle:Profile:edit_authentication.html.twig & SonataUserBundle:Profile:edit_profile.html.twig templates
Those templates are now embedding the profile menu block and extending base action.html.twig template.
You'll need to add the following to the sonata_block configuration:
### [BC BREAK] 2013-05-06
* User's groups roles are not merged anymore when editing `User` entity. A `getRealRoles()` method has been
added in `Sonata\UserBundle\Model\User` and is now used in `Sonata\UserBundle\Admin\UserAdmin`.
If you still want to merge user's groups roles, you can:
* add a `getRealRoles()` in your entity by overriding `Sonata\UserBundle\Model\User` method and
referencing `getRoles()` parent method
### 2012-09-24
* changed service parameters into options that come through the configuration with the old values as the new defaults.
### [BC BREAK] 2012-07-21
* change impersonating definition, now the url is defined as a configuration, you don't need to create
a custom route anymore.
* remove ``sonata_user_impersonating`` from the routing file
* add ``impersonating_route`` into the ``sonata_user`` configuration section
### 2012-06-08
* Introduce new field for user: firstname, lastname, gender, etc ...
* add frontend edition of profile information
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