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Data Exporter

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Data Exporter is a lightweight library to export data into different formats.

Installation using Composer

Add the dependency:

php composer.phar require sonata-project/exporter

If asked for a version, type in 'dev-master' (unless you want another version):

Please provide a version constraint for the sonata-project/exporter requirement: dev-master


// Prepare the data source
$dbh = new \PDO('sqlite:foo.db');
$stm = $dbh->prepare('SELECT id, username, email FROM user');

$source = new PDOStatementSource($stm);

// Prepare the writer
$writer = new CsvWriter('data.csv');

// Export the data
Handler::create($source, $writer)->export();

Google Groups

For questions and proposals you can post on this google groups

Note for symfony2 users

  • For >= symfony2.2, use tag 1.3.1
  • For symfony2.1, use tag 1.2.3
  • For symfony2.0, use tag 1.1.0
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