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A plugin for helm that will push a chart to a Nexus Hosted Repository
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Helm Nexus Repository Push

A Helm plugin that pushes a chart directory or packaged chart tgz to a specified Nexus Helm repo.


  • helm plugin install --version master
  • helm nexus-push --help


  • cd $HELM_HOME/plugins/nexus-push
  • git pull


  • helm nexus-push myrepo mychart-0.0.1.tgz
  • helm nexus-push myrepo ./mychart

Additional help available helm nexus-push --help

The Fine Print

It is worth noting that this is NOT SUPPORTED by Sonatype, and is a contribution of the community back to the open source community (read: you!)


  • Use this contribution at the risk tolerance that you have
  • Do NOT file Sonatype support tickets related to Helm support in regard to this plugin
  • DO file issues here on GitHub, so that the community can pitch in

Phew, that was easier than I thought. Last but not least of all:

Have fun creating and using this plugin and the Nexus platform, we are glad to have you here!

Getting help

Looking to contribute to our code but need some help? There's a few ways to get information:

  • Chat with us on Gitter
  • Connect with us on Twitter
  • Log an issue here on GitHub
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