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A tool to check for vulnerabilities in your Golang dependencies, powered by Sonatype OSS Index
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nancy is a tool to check for vulnerabilities in your Golang dependencies, powered by Sonatype OSS Index.

To use nancy, assuming you have a built version of it:

  • ./nancy /path/to/your/Gopkg.lock
  • ./nancy /path/to/your/go.sum

nancy currently works for projects that use dep or go mod for dependencies.

You can see an example of using nancy in Travis-CI at this intentionally vulnerable repo we made.


A portion of the golang ecosystem doesn't use proper versions, and instead uses a commit hash to resolve your dependency. Dependencies like this will not work with nancy quite yet, as we don't have a mechanism on OSS Index to lookup vulnerabilities in that manner.

Why Nancy?

Nancy Drew was the first female detective used extensively in literature, and gave women across the world a new hero.

This project is called nancy as like the great detective herself, it looks for problems you might not be aware of, and gives you the information to help put them to an end!


At current time you have a few options:

Build from source

  • Run go get -u
  • Nancy should now be available wherever your GOPATH is set
  • Run dep ensure in the root of the project
  • In the root of the project go test ./...
  • If tests checkout go ahead and run go build.
  • Use that binary where ever your heart so desires!

For the adventurous, we have go.mod files that enable you to build using go modules.

$ export GO111MODULE=on
$ go test ./...
$ go build

Download release binary

Each commit to master creates a new release binary, and if you'd like to skip building from source, you can download a binary similar to:

curl > /path/where/you/want/nancy


nancy is written using Golang 1.11, so it is best you start there.

This project also uses dep for dependencies, so you will need to download dep.

Tests can be run like go test ./... -v


We care a lot about making the world a safer place, and that's why we created nancy. If you as well want to speed up the pace of software development by working on this project, jump on in! Before you start work, create a new issue, or comment on an existing issue, to let others know you are!


The nancy logo was created using a combo of and good ole Photoshop. Thanks to the creators of Gopherize for an easy way to make a fun Gopher :)

Original Gopher designed by Renee French.

The Fine Print

It is worth noting that this is NOT SUPPORTED by Sonatype, and is a contribution of ours to the open source community (read: you!)


  • Use this contribution at the risk tolerance that you have
  • Do NOT file Sonatype support tickets related to nancy support in regard to this project
  • DO file issues here on GitHub, so that the community can pitch in

Phew, that was easier than I thought. Last but not least of all:

Have fun creating and using nancy and the Sonatype OSS Index, we are glad to have you here!

Getting help

Looking to contribute to our code but need some help? There's a few ways to get information:

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