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Underlying JDK? #24

slandelle opened this Issue · 0 comments

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Hi David,

I've had the feeling for a long time that the scala-maven-plugin (or something else in the build chain) was doing some strange things. For example, my build on Cloudbees randomly fails and it seems to do so because the underlying JDK is selected randomly (or in a way I fail to understand).

This impression was confirmed recently as Apple (great move, people) decided to force the latest JDK version on everyone:

  • my project pom declares 1.6 source and target levels
  • my project indeed displays the JDK6 library
  • I get some compilation errors in eclipse complaining that some classes extending some Swing classes should be parameterized. Problem is these classes have a type parameter only since... Java 7!
  • I finally uninstalled JDK7 from my Mac, and the errors magically disappeared

Any idea?



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