Compiling tests from src/test/scala should produce .class files in target/test-classes. They end up in target/classes instead. #25

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This makes for some bad interactions with command-line builds, which compile tests to target/test-classes. Since (I presume) target/test-classes takes higher precedence on the classpath than target/classes, if a test is edited and run in the IDE after a command line build, the old .class file from target/test-classes will be used, not the new, IDE-compiled one in target/classes.

A fix would be to make IDE-compiled .class files from sources in src/test/scala go to target/test-classes.

Discussion with more info on scala-ide-user:!topic/scala-ide-user/47Aiw3CnJmA

GuiSim commented Apr 11, 2013

This is a rather annoying bug.

davidB commented Apr 13, 2013

I can't reproduce.

What are your version of :

  • eclipse
  • m2e
  • m2e-scala
  • scala-ide
  • scala-maven-plugin

And can you share your .classpath

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