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{pro} Evaluation Guide


So you’ve downloaded {pro} - great! But what is a repository manager? How do you evaluate a repository manager? How can you understand how the features of Nexus map to your organization’s needs?

This guide helps you with this task, answers these and other questions and gives you pointers to further resources and next steps.

It is based on evaluating {pro} and provides a number of step by step instructions for typical use cases. Some of these can be used for {oss} as well.


Sonatype Company Overview

Founded in 2008, Sonatype is leading the component revolution. Sonatype operates the Central Repository, the industry’s primary source for open-source components, housing more than 300,000 components and serving more than five billion requests per year from more than 60,000 organizations. For more information about Sonatype, go to

{pro} Manages the Central Repository

The Central Repository is one of the most widely accessed services on the web. If you use a build tool today like Apache Maven or one of the many others, you are already benefiting from our dedication to supporting the world’s developers with this free resource.

The Central Repository and the majority of OSS projects that feed this global resource are managed using {pro} and together {oss} and {pro} are the most popular repository management solution for Maven and other repositories.

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