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also pushing eval guide html to server

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mosabua committed Mar 14, 2013
1 parent c57aecf commit 3abf62671d341ea14f029690457aa4e978ca95d2
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@@ -1,16 +1,21 @@
rm -rf target/site/reference
+rm -rf target/site/eval
rm -rf target/site/pdf
mkdir -p target/site/reference
+mkdir -p target/site/eval
mkdir -p target/site/pdf
cp -r target/book-nexus.chunked/* target/site/reference
mkdir -p target/site/reference/css
cp -r site/css/book.css target/site/reference/css
+cp -r target/sonatype-nexus-eval-guide.chunked/* target/site/eval
+mkdir -p target/site/eval/css
+cp -r site/css/book.css target/site/eval/css
cp target/book-nexus.pdf target/site/pdf/nxbook-pdf.pdf
cp target/sonatype-nexus-eval-guide.pdf target/site/pdf/sonatype-nexus-eval-guide.pdf

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