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@@ -4023,6 +4023,7 @@ teams reducing build times and improving availability and performance
of the used repository servers. The payoff grows with the number of
involved Nexus servers in the network.
=== Enabling Smart Proxy Publishing
In order to enable the Smart Proxy feature on your Nexus instance, you
@@ -4072,6 +4073,7 @@ staging or production you will need to ensure that keys are not
identical between multiple servers. To get a new key generated simply
remove the key-store file and restart Nexus.
=== Establishing Trust
The servers publishing as well as subscribing to events identify
@@ -4098,6 +4100,7 @@ All the key generation and certificates related to the trust
management as handled by Nexus itself and no external configuration or
usage of external keys is necessary or possible.
=== Repository Specific Smart Proxy Configuration
Once Smart Proxy has been configured and enabled as described above,
@@ -4137,6 +4140,7 @@ displayed in <<fig-smart-proxy-subscribe-connected>>.
.Subscription with Smart Proxy Connected
=== Smart Proxy Security and Messages
Smart Proxy messages are started with an initial handshake via
@@ -4162,6 +4166,7 @@ On the recipient side this will cause the changes to be applied
mimicking what happened on the publisher. If Smart Proxy is disabled
the subscription will be stopped.
=== Example Setup
In our example we are going to configure Smart Proxy for two Nexus

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