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NXBOOK-529 expanded explanation for gav search

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@@ -356,7 +356,11 @@ coordinatess of an artifact. These are Group (groupId), Artifact
(artifactId), Version (version), Packaging (packaging) and Classifier
(classifier). At a minimum you need to specify a Group, Artifact or
Version in your search. An example search would be with an Artifact
-"guice and a Classifier "no_aop".
+'guice' and a Classifier 'no_aop' or a Group of
+'org.glassfish.main.admingui' and a Packaging 'war'. The default
+packaging is 'jar', with other values as used in the Maven packaging
+like 'ear', 'war', 'maven-plugin', 'pom', 'ejb' and many others being
+possible choices.
Checksum Search:: Sometimes it is necessary to determine the version
of a jar artifact in order to migrate to a qualified version. When

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