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Branch: jsdoc-ui-plugin
Commits on Apr 30, 2013
  1. @nabcos
Commits on Apr 25, 2013
  1. @nabcos
  2. @cstamas

    NXCM-5206: NEXUS-5585: Bumped HC4 version to 4.2.5

    cstamas authored
    For NXCM-5206 it contains fix for following issue:
    For NEXUS-5585: it _might_ fix some NTLM/proxy/407 related issues
    fixed in 4.2.3 release of HC4
  3. @cstamas

    Merge pull request #839 from sonatype/nexus-kenai-plugin

    cstamas authored
    Nexus Kenai Realm Plugin
  4. @cstamas
  5. @nabcos

    Merge pull request #821 from sonatype/extract-ui-plugin

    nabcos authored
    [NEXUS-5672] Create an ExtJS3 UI plugin
  6. @nabcos

    Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into extract-ui-plugin

    nabcos authored
    * Small change to index.vm
Commits on Apr 24, 2013
  1. @nabcos
  2. @jdillon
  3. @scarlucci

    Merge pull request #841 from sonatype/windows-love

    scarlucci authored
    TRIVIAL: Fix test to work on Windows
  4. @scarlucci

    Fix test to work on Windows

    scarlucci authored
    Help out us poor bastards that have to develop on Windows and make this
    test line ending agnostic
  5. @cstamas

    Making Kenai AuthAPI Behaviour more correct.

    cstamas authored
    By specs, it should respond to POST only.
  6. @cstamas

    Missing XML license header

    cstamas authored
  7. @cstamas


    cstamas authored
    Javadoc, since tags, imports...
  8. @cstamas

    Codified the testing wiki.

    cstamas authored
    This is simple IT that actually drives nexus-kenai-plugin
    (with a mock Kenai server) and verifies logging in and corresponding
    role mapping works with Kenai realm.
  9. @cstamas
  10. @nabcos
  11. @nabcos
  12. @nabcos

    Fix redirect for images

    nabcos authored
  13. @cstamas
  14. @peterlynch
Commits on Apr 23, 2013
  1. @kellyrob99

    removing accidentally included imports from a699e87

    kellyrob99 authored
    NXCM-4665 - Scheduled Task to remove releases
  2. @kellyrob99

    Merge pull request #827 from sonatype/NXCM-4665-ScheduledTaskToRemove…

    kellyrob99 authored
    REVIEW [NXCM-4665] scheduled task to remove releases
  3. @kellyrob99

    CR feedback

    kellyrob99 authored
  4. @nabcos

    Merge pull request #836 from sonatype/nexus-5599-deny-ie7

    nabcos authored
    REVIEW [NEXUS-5599] Warn if browser is <IE8
  5. @kellyrob99

    CR feedback

    kellyrob99 authored
  6. @ifedorenko

    Merge pull request #840 from sonatype/javadoc

    ifedorenko authored
    TRIVIAL: updated javadoc
  7. @mosabua

    updated javadoc to clarify behaviour of the removeRepository method a…

    mosabua authored
    …nd direct users to the correct one
  8. @nabcos

    Do not cache UiContributionBuilder

    nabcos authored
    If it's used more than once, first hit with or without "?debug" will set
    the state for the plugin
  9. @nabcos

    move js/css to resources/static

    nabcos authored
  10. @nabcos
  11. @nabcos

    Add ui plugin to dist

    nabcos authored
  12. @nabcos

    Remove unused dependency

    nabcos authored
  13. @nabcos
  14. @nabcos
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