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tag: nexus-2.4.0-05

Mar 19, 2013

  1. nexus oss 2.4.0-05

    Signed-off-by: Sonatype Release Machine <>
    Sonatype Release Machine authored
  2. Benjamin Hanzelmann

    [NEXUS-5478] Fix XML variant of user/roles/privs resources

    Previous change for this issue broke XML aliases:
    <roles><role>foo</role></roles> became <roles><string>foo</string></roles>
    nabcos authored

Mar 18, 2013

  1. Back to version 2.4-SNAPSHOT

    Sonatype Release Machine authored
  2. nexus oss 2.4.0-04

    Signed-off-by: Sonatype Release Machine <>
    Sonatype Release Machine authored
  3. Benjamin Hanzelmann

    Merge pull request #778 from sonatype/nexus-5478-role-ids-html-entities

    [NEXUS-5478] Handle HTML entities in role and privilege IDs
    nabcos authored
  4. Jason Dillon


    jdillon authored
  5. Jason Dillon

    use more consistent plugin name...

    besides this provides no f'ing services
    jdillon authored
  6. Benjamin Hanzelmann

    [NEXUS-5478] Decode HTML entities in role and privilege IDs

    nabcos authored
  7. Benjamin Hanzelmann

    [NEXUS-5478] Let role view handle HTML entities in name/description

    nabcos authored
  8. Benjamin Hanzelmann

    [NEXUS-5520] Drop fixed ID for roleManager component

    Fixed ID lead to duplications in the forms using that component
    nabcos authored
  9. Benjamin Hanzelmann

    Make role id read only

    nabcos authored
  10. Tamas Cservenak

    Merge pull request #777 from sonatype/nexus-5525

    NEXUS-5525: Custom packaging types do not show up in index after deployment
    cstamas authored
  11. Tamas Cservenak

    Merge pull request #768 from sonatype/nexus-5542

    NEXUS-5542: Update index task fails if one member gets a SocketTimeoutException
    cstamas authored
  12. Tamas Cservenak

    NEXUS-5525: UT covering the change.

    cstamas authored
  13. Tamas Cservenak

    NEXUS-5525: Custom packaging types do not show up in index after depl…

    Tracking down the problem revealed a lack of changes when MI
    indexer-artifact was moved out from core. Since 2.2 or 2.1,
    when indexer-artifact part of MI was moved out from core (indexer-core
    was moved even earlier), the package mapper had to be moved into Maven
    Support of Nexus as other parts of Nexus did rely on it. But, MI code
    still relied on the package mapper from MI.
    But since the move, nothing was setting it up properly, hence
    all the packaging mappings were left unused (not picked up)
    in the process of indexing. Due to this, artifact locator
    was unable to locate the artifact if POM file was given.
    This change now introduces a "wrapper" plexus component that
    redirects MI package mapper to Nexus package mapper (they
    are basically same but in different packages).
    cstamas authored
  14. Tamas Cservenak

    Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/nexus-5542-GroupOperation' into …

    cstamas authored
  15. Tamas Cservenak

    Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into nexus-5542

    cstamas authored

Mar 15, 2013

  1. Jason Dillon

    Drop goodies-crypto from nexus-crypto-plugin, this is adding too much…

    … complication due to it also pulling in goodies-common, which is used in other place.
    Bring this back once goodies-common is part of core, though really this plugin should be part of core... its overly complex for what its purprose is.
    jdillon authored
  2. ifedorenko

    NEXUX-5542 template method to perform operations on group members

    Signed-off-by: Igor Fedorenko <>
    ifedorenko authored
  3. Tamas Cservenak

    NEXUS-5542: IT for NEXUS-5249 extended for this case too

    cstamas authored ifedorenko committed
  4. Tamas Cservenak

    NEXUS-5542: Fixing cascade operations.

    For now, to have same behavior as with NEXUS-5249,
    if a member reports IOEx during cascading operation
    the whole task will finish (will continue processing
    next members) but method invocation, and hence the
    task will fail.
    cstamas authored ifedorenko committed
  5. Tamas Cservenak

    NEXUX-5542: Reformat, no code change.

    cstamas authored ifedorenko committed
  6. ifedorenko

    Merge pull request #770 from sonatype/NEXUS-5418_storeChecksumInItemA…

    Nexus 5418 store checksum in item attributes
    ifedorenko authored
  7. ifedorenko

    NEXUS-5418 removed item uid #getAttributeLock

    Both DefaultRepositoryItemUid #getLock and #getAttributeLock lazy
    initialized and returned the same DefaultRepositoryItemUid.lock
    member. This means that both methods returned the same value for
    any given itemUid instance. Most likely this was always item lock,
    but the code is too convoluted to tell if any code paths used
    attribute lock.
    To guarantee consistent use of uid locks, removed RepositoryItemUid
    Signed-off-by: Igor Fedorenko <>
    ifedorenko authored
  8. ifedorenko

    NEXUS-5418 store sha1/md5 checksums in item attributes

    Changed maven2 proxy repositories to store item SHA1 and MD5 hashes
    provided by remote repositories as item attributes, not as .sha1
    and .md5 items in local storage. This solves common race condition
    when multiple threads request the same artifacts at about the same
    time and item and its corresponding hashes need to be treated
    atomically and locked for entire duration of the operation requesting
    the item.
    .sha1/.md5 items are not stored/maintained in the local any more but
    these files can be generated easily either from attributes or from
    item contents if needed.
    There is no automatic retry for RemoteStorageException during
    .sha1/.md5 remote retrieve. Either expire the artifact or request the
    hash asExpired to retry.
    It is also not possible to delete .sha1/.md5 items and, generally,
    expected/desired behaviour is not clear.
    Signed-off-by: Igor Fedorenko <>
    ifedorenko authored
  9. ifedorenko

    cleanup: updated RepoChecksumPolicyTest to use hamcrest

    Signed-off-by: Igor Fedorenko <>
    ifedorenko authored
  10. Tamas Cservenak

    Fixing rename that was not detected by Git

    Git on OSX as case insensitive OS did not
    pick up rename of the file from Eof to EOF
    cstamas authored
  11. Tamas Cservenak

    Merge pull request #705 from sonatype/proxy-eof

    Proxy EOF detection.
    cstamas authored

Mar 14, 2013

  1. Benjamin Hanzelmann

    Move error dialog window out of the way, don't let it block

    nabcos authored
  2. Benjamin Hanzelmann

    Change js load/init order: Load all plugin sources first

    With this change, all plugin source files are loaded before any plugin
    bootstrap module is 'required'. Plugins using UiContributor can extend
    javascript classes from another plugin safely now, no race conditions
    about which plugin is loaded first.
    nabcos authored
  3. Tamas Cservenak

    NEXUS-5595: Related, made File prefix source more "item like".

    FilePrefixSource does not holds StorageFileItem, but it creates
    one as needed. This also means, thats it's associated UID is
    created only then, or when it's explicitly asked from it, but
    still, no reference to UID is held.
    This change makes FilePrefixSource more "Storage Item like" by
    holding UID instance, preventing removal of the UID --
    and hence it's corresponding locks -- from GC.
    This way, a coder may work with FilePrefixSource in very much
    same way as with StorageItem instance, knowing that UID returned
    by it will be always the same instance, and no "recycling" of
    it will happen.
    Still, change in 9efbfbe
    is "best practice", but this commit renders it unnecessary.
    cstamas authored
  4. Tamas Cservenak

    NEXUS-5595: Keep and hold lock instance.

    As due how UIDs and locks are implemented in Nexus,
    they might be GCed and finally block might end up with
    differnt lock instance.
    This code was just bad
    cstamas authored
  5. Benjamin Hanzelmann

    [NXCM-5056] Guard getter for response header, some responses do not h…

    …ave this
    nabcos authored
  6. Benjamin Hanzelmann

    UI: Update URL in local data when proxy repo is saved

    nabcos authored
  7. Back to 2.4-SNAPSHOT version

    Sonatype Release Machine authored
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