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NEXUS-5241: Simple fix #531

merged 2 commits into from Sep 14, 2012

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cstamas commented Sep 5, 2012

A simple fix fixing the issue, easily backportable to 2.1 line too.

cstamas added some commits Sep 5, 2012
@cstamas cstamas NEXUS-5241: Simple fix to not have some events stored to Timeline.
Simply adding extra checks: event to be stored relates to a path
that is:

* NOT maven repository metadata file (maven-metadata.xml)
* NOT maven artifact signature file (*.asc)
* NOT maven checksum file (*.sha1 or *.md5)

Note: this change makes Timeline Maven-support dependant. Today, this is
fine as Maven support happens to be in Core, but once moved out, this
solution will either require to have Timeline plugin depend on Maven plugin
(which is wrong) or removal of this change will be needed.
@cstamas cstamas NEXUS-5241: UT covering change 3ce3342



Will it make more sense to check for specific items to include in the timeline instead of items to exclude?

nabcos commented Sep 6, 2012

If we have a whitelist of things to include, do we need a way for plugins to contribute to that whitelist? The exclusions are for maven-specific things (which is still in nexus-core, by chance), what about p2/obr/nuget/yum/ruby?

EDIT: actually a blacklist might also need plugin contributions

Sonatype member
nabcos commented Sep 6, 2012

OK, I did not get that. Should we merge this only to 2.1.x then, and leave the issue open for 2.2?

@cstamas cstamas merged commit 3350061 into master Sep 14, 2012
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