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o mutators on Artifact return new instances so the setFile(file) oper…

…ation is not populating the file on the existing artifact but returning a new one which is a copy with the file populated. in this use the artifact is being returned without the file set causing an NPE in the caller.
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1 parent 35d6b82 commit f71c16a62a3aedde7ae230cc48576c2c3884663f @jvanzyl jvanzyl committed Jan 27, 2013
4 ...natype/sisu/maven/bridge/support/artifact/internal/
@@ -61,9 +61,7 @@ public String toString()
throw new ArtifactResolutionException( Arrays.asList( artifactResult ) );
- artifactRequest.getArtifact().setFile( file );
- return artifactRequest.getArtifact();
+ return artifactRequest.getArtifact().setFile( file );
protected abstract File getBaseDir();

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