These are my dotfiles, there are many like them but these ones are mine
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My dotfiles

I’m in the process of converting all my dotfiles into Org mode files that will tangle them into their respective files, but it’s slow moving because I’m a lazy sod.


These are my dotfiles. There are many like them but these ones are mine. And for the most part the hardly work, even for me. So beware.



I am currently running the latest Emacs 25.1 pretest on OS X, downloaded with Homebrew as brew install emacs --with-cocoa --with-gnutls --with-imagemagick --devel. My settings can be found in the file.


I have completely switched over to using Neovim as my daily Vim driver. I install it as brew install neovim --HEAD. My settings can be found in the file.


Initially I just used the tabs in iTerm2 but found somewhere that Tmux was a lot better. So I switched to it. This is also installed via Homebrew as brew install tmux --HEAD. Yes, I like breaking things. Again, my settings can be found in


I run the latest nightly beta version of iTerm2. Whichever that is.


I seriously recommend you to not use these for yourself. Find things in them you like and steal those instead of just straight up copying these. They are made for me and only me.