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Cut "On/Off" Sequencer (8 steps with smooth) synced to Midi-Clock Beats and Midi-Clock Start/Stop.

Very useful i.e to add musical diversity in looped tracks (very nice with i.e bass lines).



  • Cut your Stream in 8 Steps according to Midi-Clock (Start/Stop and Clock) or BPM Slider.
  • Mute or Unmute each Step separately
  • Dry/Wet Knob to switch between the original stream and the cut stream
  • Scale the Sequence between no scaling (1 bar), fast (1/2 bar), very fast (1/4 bar), slow (2 bars), very slow (4 bars)
  • Define Step Lightning Color (for LED midi controllers)


-- screenshot


  • Audio Inputs (L,R)
  • Audio Outputs (L,R)
  • Midi Input: for Midi-Clock and External Controllers
  • Midi Output : for External Controller LED Lightning


Midi Controls (on Midi Channel 1):

  • Dry/Wet [midi: ctrl 52]
  • Step buttons: [midi: ctrl 57 to ctrl 65]
  • Step Buttons LED lightning [midi: ctrl 57 to ctrl 65]
  • Step Sequencer Lightning [midi: ctrl 41 to ctrl 49]

To change the Midi Controls simply edit the source file and recompile.



  • Use the Faust Online Compiler to compile it as Standalone Jack Application or Audio Plugin (LV2, VST, etc):
  • This software was tested only with Linux JackQT Faust Compiler.
  • Or compile them simply with (you'll need to install the Faust Compiler):
    • $ faust2jaqt -midi SuperCutSequencer.dsp
  • To Start:
    • $ ./SuperCutSequencer


Get Started with SuperBeatRepeater and SuperCutSequencer:

You will need to send Midi-Clock to SuperBeatRepeater & SuperCutSequencer. Use a Midi-Clock generator like jack_midi_clock (on GNU/Linux). You also need to set the tempo (bpm) to Jack Transport (which will be used by the Midi-Clock). Use any Jack-able Sequencer for that (Hydrogen, Ardour,...). If you want to use them with an Hardware Midi Controller you'll need to use the a2jmidid -e Bridge.

  • $ qjackctl &

  • (Start the Jack Server)

  • $ jack_midi_clock &

  • $ a2jmidid -e &

  • Start SuperBeatRepeater & SuperCutSequencer from the build folder :

    • $ ./SuperBeatRepeater
    • $ ./SuperCutSequencer
  • Launch the Sequencer (i.e Hydrogen) in Jack Transport Master mode.

  • Connect jack_midi_clock to SuperBeatRepeater & SuperCutSequencer (via Jack Midi). The song tempo (bpm) of the Sequencer musst be displayed in QjackCtl.

  • Connect the Audio outputs of the Sequencer (or whatever sound source) to SuperBeatRepeater and/or SuperCutSequencer. (For instance, The drums to SuperBeatRepeater and the bass to SuperCutSequencer.)

  • Start Jack Transport (Play Button)

  • If the "Midi-Clock" checkboxes in SuperBeatRepeater & SuperCutSequencer are blinking (recieving Midi-Clock signal) and the "Start/Stop" checkboxes are checkt automatically (by Midi-Clock Start/Stop messages), then everything should work fine.

  • If you have a Midi Controller with LEDs (i.e LaunchControl XL, NanoKontrol,...), connect the Midi Inputs and Outputs to SuperBeatRepeater & SuperCutSequencer (via Jack Midi / a2jmidid)


Cut "On/Off" Sequencer (8 steps with smooth) synced to Midi-Clock Beats and Midi-Clock Start/Stop







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