Current Inspired-Visualization and Evaluation of the TASEP
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CIVET (Current Inspired-Visualization and Evaluation of the TASEP) is a software package that provides a visualization of the dynamics associated with the generalized Totally Asymmetric Simple Exclusion Process (TASEP).

CIVET has been developed in Python 3.6. It uses the packages numpy and pyqtgraph, which requires pyqt4 or pyqt5. For ease of installation, we provide an executable version of the software that does not require having Python and the required add-on packages installed. A separate open-source version will be made available in the future. We provide different versions of CIVET for Mac OS X, Linux (Ubuntu 18.04) and Windows. The software has been mainly tested on Mac. It works best with a scroll-wheel mouse.

Please take a look at the user manual "CIVET_User_Manual.pdf" for further details.

Wonjun Son
Dan D. Erdmann-Pham
Khanh Dao Duc
Yun S. Song

University of California, Berkeley