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#include "cluster.h"
#include "light_transport_matrix.h"
namespace Renzoku {
* Build clusters based on the reduced light transport matrix.
class ClusterBuilder {
* Hasan's approach in SG07.
void cluster_by_sampling(Scene *scene,
IVirtualPointLightEvaluator *evaluator,
LightTransportMatrix &R,
int num_clusters, Clusters &clusters,
const BrdfPointLights &all_vpls,
const Pixels &pixels);
void cluster_by_splitting(Clusters &clusters);
* Visibility clustering
* Davidovic's approach in SA10.
void cluster_visibility(Scene *scene, BrdfPointLights &vpls);
* Form factor & brdf clustering
* Our experimental approach.
void cluster_form_factor(Scene *scene, BrdfPointLights &vpls);
void cluster_brdf_light(Scene *scene, BrdfPointLights &vpls);
void cluster_brdf_surface(Scene *scene, BrdfPointLights &vpls);
} // end namespace
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