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#ifndef _IMAGE_VIEW_H_
#define _IMAGE_VIEW_H_
#include "math3.h"
#include "gl_view.h"
#include "boundingbox.h"
#include "integrator.h"
#include "stats.h"
#include "frame.h"
#include "events.h"
#include <boost/thread.hpp>
namespace Renzoku {
struct ByteBlock;
* A simple block-based image viewer that draws the completed blocks
* by MonteCarloIntegrator onto screen.
class ImageBlockView : public GLView, public FrameObserver {
ImageBlockView(Scene *scene);
ImageBlockView(Scene *scene, Size2 window_size);
void init();
void reset();
void reshape(int width, int height);
void display();
void keyboard(unsigned char key, int x, int y);
void mouse(MouseButton button, MouseState state, int x, int y);
void motion(int x, int y);
void on_show();
void on_hide();
void on_close();
void save_intermediate(bool save);
virtual void on_complete_frame(int tid, ImageFloat *img);
virtual void on_update_image(int tid, ImageByte *img, int x0, int y0, int x1, int y1);
virtual void on_update_border(int tid, int x0, int y0, int x1, int y1);
void init(Scene *scene, Size2 window_size);
void save_linear_last_complete_frame(const char *file);
void save_linear_screen(const char *file);
inline ByteBlock * block_queue_push();
inline ByteBlock* block_queue_front();
inline void block_queue_pop();
FrameBuffer *frame;
ImageByte *byte_buffer;
* Queue of blocks to render to screen
ByteBlock **block_queue;
int num_blocks_in_queue;
int max_blocks_in_queue;
int queue_first, queue_last;
int win_width;
int win_height;
string tmp_file_template; // temporary file name
string tmp_screen_template; // temporary file name for screenshot
bool is_save_intermediate;
bool redraw_all;
ByteBlock *display_block;
Stats fps_counter;
int cur_frame;
int num_colors;
Byte reds[32];
Byte greens[32];
Byte blues[32];
//boost::mutex mtx;
MouseObservable mouse_event;
struct ByteBlock {
Byte *data;
int capacity;
int x0, y0, x1, y1;
ByteBlock(int capacity) {
data = new Byte[capacity];
x0 = y0 = x1 = y1 = 0;
this->capacity = capacity;
void set_bound(int x0, int y0, int x1, int y1) {
this->x0 = x0;
this->y0 = y0;
this->x1 = x1;
this->y1 = y1;
void copy(ByteBlock *src) {
memcpy(data, src->data, src->capacity * sizeof(Byte));
x0 = src->x0;
y0 = src->y0;
x1 = src->x1;
y1 = src->y1;
capacity = src->capacity;
void reset() {
memset(data, 0, sizeof(Byte) * capacity);
inline ByteBlock* ImageBlockView::block_queue_push() {
if (num_blocks_in_queue < max_blocks_in_queue) {
ByteBlock *last = block_queue[queue_last];
queue_last = (queue_last + 1) % max_blocks_in_queue;
return last;
return NULL;
inline ByteBlock* ImageBlockView::block_queue_front() {
if (num_blocks_in_queue > 0) {
return block_queue[queue_first];
return NULL;
inline void ImageBlockView::block_queue_pop() {
if (num_blocks_in_queue > 0) {
queue_first = (queue_first + 1) % max_blocks_in_queue;
} // end namespace
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