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A toy operating system, written from scratch.
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wheel operating system

Wheel is an operating system, written mostly from scratch. Currently we support 64-bit Intel/AMD architecture.

Some features of wheel:

  • multi-tasking (kernel mode and user mode)
  • fixed-priority preemptive scheduling
  • round-robin scheduling between tasks of the same priority
  • support for symmetric multiprocessing (SMP)

Required tools and softwares:

  • Linux/Unix environment, WSL (Windows Subsystem for Linux) also works.
  • GCC cross compiler for x86_64 target, with names like x86_64-elf-***.
  • GRUB, xorriso and mtools to make bootable iso image (also install grub-pc-bin on EFI systems).
  • QEMU (or other virtual machine) to run the system.

To build and run wheel:

  • make to generate kernel image bin/wheel.bin.
  • make iso to create ISO image bin/wheel.iso.
  • make run to run the OS with QEMU.
  • make clean to delete all generated files.


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