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Remove instructions about creating the 'etc' dir as the 'resources' directory is already added to the classpath, even if it isn't created by lein.
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1 parent 502f175 commit e438857dc9c5e94722890a1ce5e1805a39015c11 David Leatherman committed Jan 18, 2013
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@@ -21,21 +21,10 @@ It offers:
Carica looks for the config files on the classpath.
-In your project.clj, add a directory to your resources-path, for these
-examples, I'll be using "etc":
-* Leiningen 1
-:resources-path "etc"
-* Leiningen 2
-:resource-paths ["etc"]
-Now, create an "etc" directory at the root of your project. Create
-and open "etc/config.clj" in your favorite editor.
+Leiningen will add a directory called "resources" to the classpath even
+though the directory is not created by default, so create a "resources"
+directory at the root of your project. Now, create and open "resources/config.clj"
+in your favorite editor.
{:foobar-timeout 300 #_"In seconds"

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