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PortSystem 1.0
name @PACKAGE@
categories security www shibboleth
maintainers scantor snc
description Shibboleth Native Service Provider
long_description Standards-based attribute-based Web SSO system
distname ${name}-sp-${version}
worksrcdir ${name}-${version}
checksums sha1 @CHECKSUM@
depends_lib port:opensaml \
port:xmltooling \
port:xercesc \
port:xml-security-c \
pre-fetch {
set status 0
if {[catch {exec ${prefix}/bin/curl --version | grep SSL} results]} {
if {[lindex $::errorCode 0] eq "CHILDSTATUS"} {
set status [lindex $::errorCode 2]
} else {
set status [lindex $::errorCode 3]
if {${status} != 0} {
return -code error "\n
${name} requires curl to be installed with SSL support.
Please deactivate your current curl installation and
install the proper version of curl:
sudo port deactivate curl
sudo port install curl +ssl\n"
configure.args --with-xmltooling=${prefix} \
--with-opensaml=${prefix} \
--with-xerces=${prefix} \
--with-xmlsec=${prefix} \
variant odbc {
depends_lib-append port:unixODBC
configure.args-append --enable-odbc
destroot.keepdirs ${destroot}${prefix}/var/log/${name} ${destroot}${prefix}/var/log/httpd ${destroot}${prefix}/var/run/${name}
destroot.args NOKEYGEN=1
post-destroot {
eval file delete [glob ${destroot}${prefix}/etc/${name}/*.logger]
eval file delete [glob ${destroot}${prefix}/etc/${name}/*.html]
eval file delete [glob ${destroot}${prefix}/etc/${name}/*.xml]
eval file delete [glob ${destroot}${prefix}/etc/${name}/shibd-*]
eval file delete [glob ${destroot}${prefix}/lib/${name}/*.la]
post-activate {
# Make sure initial conf files are present and set up correctly
set confDir ${prefix}/etc/${name}
foreach f [glob -tails -directory ${confDir} *.dist] {
regexp {(.+)\.dist} $f ign destname
if {![file exists ${confDir}/${destname}]} {
file copy ${confDir}/${f} ${confDir}/${destname}
system "cd ${prefix}/etc/${name} && ./ -b"
startupitem.create yes shibd
startupitem.executable ${prefix}/sbin/shibd -F -f -p ${prefix}/var/run/${name}/
livecheck.check regex
livecheck.regex "version *(\\d+\\.\\d+(\\.\\d+)?)"