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Sonic Roadmap Planning

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There will be periodic SONiC Roadmap planning sessions. These will define the new capabilities to be delivered by the SONiC project in its next release. It's expected that new feature contributions will be aligned with the roadmap.

Pull requests for features that are not in the roadmap may not be accepted into the project. This is to help ensure the project can produce a stable, reliable release and make progress.

Release Release Date SAI version Features Included
SONiC.201705 5/15/2017 0.9.4 BGP
Priority Flow Control
DHCP Relay Agent
SONiC to SONiC upgrade
Multiple Images support
One Image
SONiC.201709 9/15/2017 0.9.4 VLAN
ACL permit/deny
Tunnel Decap
Post Speed Setting
BGP Graceful restart helper
SONiC.201712 12/15/2017 1.0 Fast Reload
SONiC Support SAI 1.0
LACP Fallback
MTU Setting
Vlan Trunk
Static Port breakout1
Dynamic ACL Upgrade
SWSS Unit Test Framework
CobfigDB framework
SONiC.201803 03/15/18 1.2
Critical Resource Monitoring
MAC Aging
BGP/Neighbor-down fib-accelerate
SONiC.201807 07/30/18 1.3
Dtel support
SONiC Architecture and User Manual (Documentation)
Sensor transceiver monitoring
LLDP extended MIB: lldpremtable, lldplocporttable, lldpremmanaddrtable, lldplocmanaddrtable, lldplocporttable, lldpLocalSystemData
SONiC.201811 11/30/18 1.3 Release Note
Debian Kernel Upgrade to 4.9
Warm Reboot
Incremental Config (IP, LAG, Port shut/unshut)
Asymmetric PFC
PFC Watermark
Routing Stack Graceful Restart
Basic VRF and L3 VXLAN
SONiC.201904 04/30/2019 1.4 Release Note
FRR as default routing stack
Upgrade each docker to stretch version
Upgrade docker engine to 18.09
Everflow V2 - IPV4/IPv6 Portion 2.0
Egress ACL bug fix and ACL CLI enhancement
L3 RIF counter support
PMon Refactoring
BGP-EVPN support(type 5), (related HLD Fpmsyncd,Vxlanmgr,template)
Transceiver parameter tuning PR pending on CR sign off
SONiC.201911 10/30/2019 1.5 Progress Tracking       Release Notes
ZTP - design review in progress
Mgmt VRF
L3 perf enhancement
Platform test
SSD diagnostic
Multi-DB optimization-Part 1
Sub-port support
Build time
Egress mirroring and
ACL action support check via SAI
drop counters
Log analyzer to pytest
HW resource monitor
ONIE FW tools - bios & cpld
SONiC.202006 06/30/2020 SAI1.6.3 Progress Tracking, Release Note
Build Improvements
Bulk API for route
D-Bus to Host Communications
Debian 10 upgrade, base image,driver
Dynamic port break
Egress shaping (port, queue)
FW utils extension: SSD upgrade
Getting docker ready for Debian 10
Platform APIs move to new APIs * - Continuation
Port Mirroring
Porting mVRF support to Debian 10
Proxy ARP
Pytest 100% moved from ansible to Pytest
Thermal control
SONiC.202012 12/31/2020 SAI 1.7.1 Progress Tracking, Release Note
Consistent ECMP support (fine grain ECMP)
Console Support for SONiC (Hardware)
Console Support for SONiC (SSH forwarding)
Container warm restart (BGP/TeamD/SWSS/SyncD)
CoPP Config/Management
Distributed forwarding in a VOQ architecture HLD
Dynamic headroom calculation
Enable synchornous SAI APIs (error handling)
Kubernetes (docker to be controlled by Kubernetes)
Management Framework (Phase 2)
Merge common lib for C++ and python (SWSS common lib)
Move from Python2->python3
Multi-DB enhancement-Part 2
ONIE FW tools CPLD, BIOS, SSD, Firmware upgrade [Uniform Tool]
PDDF advance to SONiC Platform 2.0, BMC
SONiC entity MIB extensions
Support hardware reboot/reload reason (Streaming Telemetry)
System health and system LED
SONiC.202106 06/30/2021 SAI 1.8.1 Progress Tracking, Release Note
Add FRR running configuration to tech support
Broadcom silicon common config
Dynamic policy based hashing
Enable/Disable auto negotiation and speed setting with number of lanes
Error handling (swss)
Inband mgmt VRF
IPv6 Link Local and BGP Unnumbered
PCIe Monitoring
PDK - Platform Development Environment
SONiC for MPLS Dataplane
Telemetry for Multi-ASIC
TPID config support
Enhanced xcrvd SFP error flow HLD
Entity sensor MIB extension
SONiC.202111 11/30/2021 SAI 1.9.1 Progress Tracking
ACL orch redesign
App extension CLI generation tool
Automatic tech support and core dump creation
Better route scalability with multiple next-hops
Class-Based Forwarding
CLI level authorization
DHCP support IPv6
Dynamic Policy Based Hashing
Dynamic port breakout
EXP to TC QoS maps
EVPN VXLAN for platforms using P2MP tunnel based L2 forwarding
Handle port config change on fly in xcvrd
Host interface trap counter
L2 functional and performance enhancements
New branch creation for Debian11
One line command to extract multiple DBs info of a SONiC component - Debug dump utility
Overlay ECMP
Overlay ECMP - BFD offload
PDK - Platform Development Environment
PINS (P4 Integrated Network Stack)
Reclaim reserved buffer for unused ports
Routed sub-interface naming convention
SONiC for MPLS Dataplane
SONiC Generic Update and Rollback
SRv6 support (Cntd)
Support for passing IS-IS, LDP and MicroBFD packets to CPU
Upgrade SONiC init flow
VXLAN src port configuration
SONiC.202205 05/31/2022 TBD Progress Tracking
System with zero port support
Align crmorch with sai_object_type_get_availability
Move Nvidia syncd and pmon to debian11
Dynamic Policy Based Hashing (edit flow)
counter delay via config_db and not via systemd
Route Flow counters (based on generic counters)
hostcfgd Redesign-split hostcfgd into multiple services
Password Hardening
Queue statistics based on queue configurations and not max
Add system date row to ‘show version’
Command for showing specific MAC from DB
Event-mgmt Infra
Klish CLI for show-tech support
Storm Control (BUM)
CMIS Diagnostics
System Ready Enhancements
SONiC fanout support
100% SONiC YANG model
Deprecating Python2 platform daemons
MACSEC enhancement: primary & fallback case
SONiC management repo  Python3 compliance
Active Active ToRs
Vxlan enhancement
BGP config incremental update
Symcrypt integration with OpenSSL
Sorted next hop ECMP
400G DR support
Streaming Telemetry support for Syslog
FRR version update from 7.5 to 8.1
ACMS and Restful API for Arista 7060
PINS enhancement
L2 Dot1Q tunneling support
VLAN Stacking
Config Reload Enhancement: Introduce the Transaction Mechanism
EVPN-MH Phase #1
Further extensions and uses of application extension framework
MPLS scalability enhancement in SAI and SWSS
Global setting to allow IPv6 link-local neighbours to always be programmed
Docker image on Bulleyes
Platform support for Edgecore AS4630
Platform support for Edgecore AS7326
Platform support for Edgecore AS7816
Platform support for Edgecore AS5835
PINS SAI Extensions
PINS SAI.P4 enhancements for Layer2 support and VxLAN
SRv6 policy steering w/ FRR protocols integration
SRv6 sBFD, DT46
DASH – SAI PTF extension for SmartNIC
SONiC with P4 DPDK (PNA architecture) – Basic SoftSwitch with DPDK
Deterministic interface Link bring-up
AAA improvement
ACL enhancements: Policing, DHCP/PCP remark, L2
Align crmorch with sai_object_type_get_availability
ARP Refresh
App extension with warmboot awareness
App extension with Orchagent/SWSS
BGP Add Path
BGP ExtComm
BGP Link bandwidth ExtComm
BFD SW 100ms interval from FRR
Chassis infrastructure, T2 topologies and sample Testcases converted
CMIS Diagnostics
CPU Queues
Distributed VOQ architecture HLD
Deprecating Python2 platform daemons
DHCP relay IPv6 support
DPB Reconcile
Dynamic CoPP reconcile
Enabling IS-IS in the dataplane
Extending Entphysicaltable MIB table
Extend FW debug info in sysdump
Event-mgmt Infra
Everflow Support on VOQ Chassis
Fabric Port support for SONiC
Flow-based Services (incl. packet DSCP remark)
Gearbox part 2
Generic counters (Flow counters)
Inband port support for Chassis
Kernel programming performance enhancement
Klish CLI for show-tech support
Kubernetes enhancements
LAG Support for Chassis
Link Training
L2 Dot1Q tunneling support
libebpf support and usage
MACSec support in Chassis
MACSEC enhancement: primary & fallback case
Management Framework RBAC
Media Enhancements
(Media Information & Settings)
Mgmt FW Phase 3
MultiDB reconcile
Platform Monitoring for Chassis systems
Routing/BGP for Chassis
Routed sub-interface reconcile
Sample Rate on mirror
Segment Routing support in SONiC
Sflow with remote collector
Show running enhancement
SNMPd Enhancements
SONiC shared headroom - enhanced configuration
SONiC new polling counters for counters which has extend CPU req.
SONiC app extension (w/o orchagent)
SONiC fanout support
SONiC IPSEC support
SONiC NAT Scaling
100% SONiC YANG model
Static Anycast Gateway
Storm Control (BUM)
System Ready Enhancements
System with zero port support
TDR support for 1G Cu SFP
Testcase/Testbed Infrastructure
Telemetry for Chassis
Telemetry for BGP
(Test) Testbed v2
(Test) Upgrade to Python3 compliance
(Test) Ansible 2.10 upgrade
Thresholds (statistics)
V4/V6 L3 ACL optimization
VoQ Chassis Support in SONiC
VNET ping tool to debug VNET configuration
UI Content (UMF client)


  • Platform APIs will be backwards compatible in 201908, will be cut over to new APIs in the next release