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Grid DevKit Module for

FOSSA Status

The DevKit Module "Grid" displays cycling and trip statistics and allows you to customize their appearance. It's part of a collection of Open Source modules for the system. Grid module

Quickstart: Interactive Demo

The quickest way to test the module via

Open demo button allows you to edit, host and fork Node.js applications for quick prototyping.


This module listens to various speed and navigation events and displays it to the user. The user can zoom in and out with his thumb controller. In edit mode, he may reorder the tiles to his needs.

Installation and Setup

You can easily deploy the module on your own:

Step 1: Clone repository

Clone this repository and install Node.js dependencies with:

npm install

Step 2: Install DevKit Simulator

Follow the instructions to install the Google Chrome Simulator and get familiar with the basics of module development on the COBI platform.

Step 3: Run Node.js server

The module is accessible under localhost:3000 after starting the Node.js server with:

node server.js

The settings menu can be accessed with the ?state=edit suffix.

Useful DevKit links

Contributing to this project

Anyone and everyone is welcome to contribute to this project, the DevKit Simulator and the DevKit UI Components. Please take a moment to review the guidelines for contributing.

Copyright © 2018 GmbH


FOSSA Status

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