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package com.vishnuviswanath.spark.streaming
import java.sql.Timestamp
import org.apache.spark.sql.SparkSession
import org.apache.spark.sql.streaming.Trigger
//convert aggregates into typed data
case class CarEvent(carId: String, speed: Option[Int], acceleration: Option[Double], timestamp: Timestamp)
object CarEvent {
def apply(rawStr: String): CarEvent = {
val parts = rawStr.split(",")
CarEvent(parts(0), Some(Integer.parseInt(parts(1))), Some(java.lang.Double.parseDouble(parts(2))), new Timestamp(parts(3).toLong))
* Created by vviswanath on 2/18/18.
object ContinuousKafkaStreaming {
def main(args: Array[String]): Unit = {
val spark = SparkSession.builder()
.appName("ContinuousStreaming Kafka example")
import spark.implicits._
val raw = spark
.option("kafka.bootstrap.servers", "localhost:9092")
.option("subscribe", "cars")
//supported operations in Continuous Processing includes - Map, Filter, Project
val fastCars = raw
.selectExpr("CAST(value as STRING)") //project
.map(r CarEvent(r.getString(0))) //map
.filter("speed > 70") //filter
//.filter(c ⇒ c.speed.getOrElse(0) > 70) //TypedFilter not supported in continuous processing,
val consoleQuery = fastCars
//.outputMode("complete") not supported since it requires an agg, and Continuous processing does not support aggregations.
.trigger(Trigger.Continuous("1 second"))
val kafkaSinkQuery = fastCars
.selectExpr("CAST(carId as STRING) as value") //kafka needs a value field
.option("kafka.bootstrap.servers", "localhost:9092")
.option("topic", "fastcars")
.option("checkpointLocation", "/tmp/spark/continuousCheckpoint")
.trigger(Trigger.Continuous("10 seconds")) //how often to checkpoint the offsets,
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