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Request Parameters [request-parameters]

An HTTP request may have associated parameters (not to be confused with Route parameters). The GET, POST, or PUT parameters sent with the current HTTP request are exposed via the Slim application's Request object.

If you want to quickly fetch a request parameter value without considering its type, use the params() Request method:

$paramValue = $app->request()->params('paramName');

The params() Request instance method will first search PUT parameters, then POST parameters, then GET parameters. If no parameter is found, NULL is returned. If you only want to search for a specific type of parameter, you can use these Request instance methods instead:

//GET parameter
$paramValue = $app->request()->get('paramName');

//POST parameter
$paramValue = $app->request()->post('paramName');

//PUT parameter
$paramValue = $app->request()->put('paramName');

If a parameter does not exist, each method above will return NULL. You can also invoke any of these functions without an argument to obtain an array of all parameters of the given type:

$allGetParams = $app->request()->get();
$allPostParams = $app->request()->post();
$allPutParams = $app->request()->put();
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