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@MainMemory MainMemory released this Nov 27, 2017

Added icon to manager program, fixed sound effect replacement, added widescreen support, fixed "practice mode" code, added initial PNG/GIF/BMP texture support.

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@MainMemory MainMemory released this Nov 10, 2017


  • Improved framerate on certain systems.
  • Fixed crash when completing Radiant Emerald.
  • Added window border, window mode toggle, and custom resolutions.
  • Implemented enhanced music support via bass_vgmstream, supports ADX, BRSTM, LOGG, etc.
  • Implementing windowed fullscreen and custom window size options.
  • Adding a selection of cheat codes provided by CheatFreak.
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@MainMemory MainMemory released this Oct 28, 2017

Fixing mod manager's window title.

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@MainMemory MainMemory released this Oct 28, 2017

Initial release.

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