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This is a Dash-compatible docset for the 3ds max C++ SDK reference. It has been built against the 2017 documentation, but should work for 2018 as well.



You will need to install the dependencies listed in requirements.txt through pip or have it available on your PYTHONPATH.

Due to the size of the 3ds max SDK reference, the documentation sources are not included in this repository. You will need to download it yourself from Autodesk's website.

Generating the docset

The Python scripts for building the database and formatting the documentation to work in standalone mode are located in the bin directory.

By default, you can copy the offline documentation to the a folder called resources/2017 in the root directory.

Once that is done, you should be able to run python clean_html_documentation.py and python generate_database_entries.py in order to re-generate the docset. Both scripts will attempt to create the docset in default locations; these can be specified manually with command-line flags to output to different locations should you so choose. Please refer to the documentation included with each command-line script by adding the flag --help , like so:

python clean_html_documention.py --help python generate_database_entries.py --help

Both scripts support multi-threading in order to speed up generation of the docsets with the -mt flag.


Except for the documentation itself (which belongs to Autodesk and is freely available for download via their website) along with the 3ds max logo, the license for the scripts in this repository is viewable in the LICENSE file.


Siew Yi Liang