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duration: 8h
price: 2.5 USD/h
# Optional - restricts buying resources only from specified address.
#counterparty: 0x8125721c2413d99a33e351e1f6bb4e56b6b61567
blacklist: 0x8125721c2413d99a33e351e1f6bb4e56b6b61234
# Identity level of the counterparty. Can be "anonymous", "registered", "identified" and "professional".
identity: anonymous
tag: my-app
# Indicates whether overlay networking is required.
overlay: true
# Indicates whether outbound connections are required (internet access).
outbound: true
# Indicates whether inbound connections are required and public IP should be present on worker.
incoming: true
# Required RAM size in bytes.
ram-size: 1000000
# Required CPU cores. This only specifies mininum number of CPU threads, not their scheduling.
# To specify amount of computing power use cpu-sysbench-* parameters
cpu-cores: 1
# Minimum computing power of single CPU thread, calculated via sysbench
# (some abstract value, currently it is how many times CPU can calculate first 50000 prime numbers in 10 seconds).
cpu-sysbench-single: 800
# The same as above, but for all threads, can be less than cpu-sysbench-single when you need less than 1 core.
cpu-sysbench-multi: 1000
# Download throughput in bits/s.
net-download: 12000
# Upload throughput in bits/s.
net-upload: 5000
# Minimum number of GPU.
gpu-count: 1
# Minimum memory of single GPU.
gpu-mem: 4096000000
# GPU performance - ETH hashrate (hashes/s).
gpu-eth-hashrate: 15000000