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  • Restrict Optimus CPU usage via cgroup (#1244).
    This commit allows restricting Optimus CPU usage via cgroups from the config. Since Optimus can consume a significant amount of CPU this can be useful for semi-automatic resource restrictions.
  • Disabled anti-fraud modules in Connor (#1370).
    This commit adds null log and pool processors for Connor's anti-fraud module. It can be used for testing purposes or if the user wants to run custom (non-mining) tasks with external quality tracking.
  • Detect duplicate orders in Optimus (#1359).
    During learning the following situation may appear: there are a set of orders that are planned to replace existing ones, but some of them are technically equal, i.e. have the same resources, price, and duration. Current Optimus just replaces ask-plans, which results in deal cancellation, which is not good. This commit teaches Optimus to detect duplicate orders when it's time to replace ask-plans with more profitable ones and not to touch them if any.
  • Store Connor's task logs (#1390).
  • NPP metrics in Node (#1392).
    This commit adds NPP metric collection on a client side, allowing to see how exactly connections are established, which kind of NAT punching tool was used and how much time it was consumed. Also, there is a new service in Node - monitoring, where one can fetch collected metrics.
  • Counterparty address for Connor's orders (#1401).
    This commit adds an ability to set counterparty address and place orders only for the required supplier. Also, migration code was added. If a user wants to change non-main benchmark or set counterparty or change netflags, Connor should be able to detect that new requirements are changed. It reached with partial order hashing when we decide to restore existing order or not.
  • Worker address flag for CLI (#1431).
    This PR adds an ability to specify custom worker address in CLI to work with.
  • Add push_on_stop flag to container desc (#1426).
    This PR introduces a push_on_stop flag to task specification that makes pushing to remote repository conditional.
  • Verbose filtering in Optimus (#1443).
  • Log requests in Rendezvous (#1455).
  • Extended status for Worker (#1456).
    This commit extends status method with following data:
    • Master and admin addresses.
    • Are benchmarks passed?
    • Is the master address confirmed? We are forced to start gRPC server before benchmarks passed and master confirmed. Now, on worker's startup, only WorkerManagement service will be registered, and no NPP listener used. When all of the setup routines completed, we're closing gRPC server and re-create it with fully-registered services and NPP listener.
  • Generate SSH key instead of requiring (#1462).
    This commit simplifies SSH server configuration on a Worker by deprecating "private_key_path" option in "ssh" section. Now SSH key is generated at Worker startup and cached in boltdb.
  • Connor's log processor for xmrig (#1472).
    This commit adds a new log processor type for Connor's anti-fraud module. Brand new processor able to read logs from the xmrig miner, which is used to mine Monero (cryptonight) on CPUs.


  • Process blockchain in Worker in parallel (#1377).
    This PR enables parallel blockchain processing in the salesman, which results in a boost in massive ask-plan creation or purging.
  • Show tags in orders list (#1503).


  • Proper deal closing when a price is changed in Connor (#1352).
    Such problem occurs in the following conditions: Connor detects price deviation and starts replacing orders, also it starts to close non-profitable deals. When the deal is closed, a worker on another side can pick the order that we schedule for cancellation. This order is turned into a deal that immediately will be closed because of the low price. So this shitfall will perform until all of the orders isn't replaced. This commit fixes that behavior: now Connor checks that the cancel chan is empty before really closing an active deal.
  • Remove repo & tag from an uploaded image (#1353).
  • Allow gRPC logger to truncate specific methods output (#1360).
  • Proper (un)marshaling for empty SSH keys (#1375).
    This commit fixes couple bugs introduced in #1281.
    • Failed to start a task without providing ssh pubkey.
    • Marshalling an empty pubkey crashes worker.
  • Show allocated resources in TaskStatus (#1368).
    This commit fills the AllocatedResources field from the deal's ask-plan. Actual resources info gives an ability to show what part of deal's resources are acquired by task, at least what GPUs is used.
  • Properly parse docker load output (#1373).
  • Kill tasks if deal was closed (#1387).
  • Proper init for disabled processor in Connor (#1388).
  • Node hanging on failed startup (#1395).
    This commit fixes race when Node starts with some failed condition, for example, when SSH port is occupied, and then hangs forever.
  • Properly close read/write part of sockets in Relay (#1398).
  • Proper deal id comparison (#1408).
  • Socket leak in Node (#1424).
    This commit fixes socket leakage in Node by draining pending channels in case of timeout errors.
  • Unregister closed deal despite the result of order deregistration (#1433).
    Due to some strange circumstances, that could be possible if we received stale data from blockchain after deal registration, or failed to save data in boltdb, an order could be removed before a deal, resulting in a neverending cycle of deal removal. This PR fixes this behavior.
  • Restore deals only if Connor is a consumer (#1427).
  • Proper task tag printer (#1451).
  • Proper error if the profile doesn't exist (#1450).
  • Proper identity level checking worker SSH (#1444).
    This commit fixes invalid identity level verification while performing SSH access to a container using NPP API. Previously an identity level of ask-plan was checked, while actually it must be the consumer's level checked.
  • Properly detect IPv4 addresses (#1460).
    For some unknown reasons, Go developers keep IPv4 addresses in a slice of size 16(!). It's so logical, yes.
  • The proper formula for XMR price calculation (#1459).
    This commit fixes calculation algo for XMR. Also, a signature of the PriceProvider's calculateFunc has been changed because we want to use all available token params, not only reward and net difficulty.
  • Proper env params applying in Connor (#1474).
  • Restrict image push with KYC level (#1458).
    This PR introduces ACL which checks KYC level and allow only users of a specific level to push custom images on the worker. Also, it's made configurable and it is reused in whitelist configuration.
  • Drop task if the deal was closed during startup (#1476).
    This PR fixes bug, when a deal was closed during task start and the task was not released properly.
  • Underflow in price prediction service (#1498).
  • Show all balances when with output=JSON (#1500).
  • Keep container info after task stop (#1441).
  • Activate onCertificateUpdated handler in DWH (#1502).
  • Configurable EWMA for Connor's processor (#1478).
  • Properly initialize tinc network (#1505).
    This PR fixes ability to add tinc network alongside shaped interface. As Docker does not accept multiple networks during container creation we do connect them afterward.
  • Log the supplier's address in Connor (#1510).
    This commit extends Connor's logger (bounded to a deal) with the supplier eth address. Also, use proper logger instance in the startTaskOnce method.
  • Proper logging on price deviation in Connor (#1511).
    Early we logging price-per-second-per-hash from the PriceProvider, this commit replaces this value with full order price per second which is more easy for future analysis.
  • Proper log processor for Connor (#1514).
    This commit fixes several issues with log processor:
    • Wrap calculated hashrate value with atomic to make it thread-safe.
    • Perform initializing tick for EWMA.
    • Add timestamps for stored logs.
    • Read logs with tail. It prevents us from reloading full task log when Connor restarts or when connection was lost and Connor should start read logs again.
  • Proper systemd config (#1516).