@3Hren 3Hren released this Oct 23, 2018 · 91 commits to master since this release

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  • Pool processor for UleyPool (#1650).
    This commit adds new pool processor for Connor's antifraud system. Can be enabled using "antifraud.pool_processor.format: uley" option.


  • Check error in Node's stream interceptor (#1661).
  • GetTransactionReceipt To field unmarshalling (#1660).
  • Proper error code for Worker (#1647).


  • Replace using "pow" with hand-written code (#1667).
  • Optimize reallocations in Optimus (#1662).
  • Cache GPU benchmarks in Optimus (#1659).
    Another boost by ~2.
  • Cache benchmarks meta in Optimus (#1658).
    This suddenly gives about x100 performance booth in the "consumeGPU" method. The overall performance has been increased in ~2 times.
  • Pre-filter GPUs in Optimus (#1657).
    This increases the relative performance of "consumeGPU" method by ~60%.