@3Hren 3Hren released this Nov 29, 2018 · 19 commits to master since this release

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  • Random rendezvous hanging (#1758).
  • Proper close docker client (#1766).
    Without this fix Workers will probably become unreachable, because of file descriptors leaking.
  • Reduce noise while logging RPC calls (#1765).
    Currently we print stacktraces for any error that is logged. This is actually useful, but there are cases where it's more annoying than useful. For example - messages after RPC calls, where stacktraces are the same and completely useless. After this change we should no longer print those stacktraces in audit logs.
  • Do not stop gRPC servers on temporary QUIC errors (#1764).
    Right now all gRPC servers are stopped when they receive a non-temporary error from the acceptor socket. Unfortunately, after introducing QUIC we forgot to check whether this invariant is true, and now we suffer from servers termination on any QUIC timeout etc. This patch should fix random server stopping during some kind of temporary network problems.