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Reveal JS transcriptions for CNIT 120
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CNIT 120

Presentations transcribed in reveal.js

The following is a transcription of all the Power Point presentations (.pptx) for Sam Bowne's CNIT 120 class to individual web pages using Reveal.js


The purpose of this is to allow for any professor or student to have access to an alternative format to update, customize, amend or subtract from easily without Microsoft Power Point- especially among those that don't have access to a copy of Microsoft Power Point or would prefer using a web-based alternative.

How To Acquire

There are two ways to obtain this collection of presentations:

  • You can get Github Desktop For Windows or Mac and git clone to your designated Github folder.
  • You can use Git and use the commandline or gui to git clone the entire repository locally
  • If you don't have a machine with git installed (or are not familiar with git), you can download zip (you can use Windows .zip extractor or third party tool like 7zip to extract archive).

After acquisition

  • Each presentation is divided by directory according to chapter.
    • In each chapter directory, there's a single "index.html" that you can open with any browser supporting Javascript (e.g. Firefox, Chrome, Opera).
    • Enjoy!

Note to those who want to use this for a presentation: to understanding the features of how to use reveal.js's features, check out the Reveal.JS Github Page.

Note to would be editors: you can fork this, or just download and edit locally. If you wish to let me know the slides added, removed, or modified, contact me via email

Note: At the moment, I'm trying to figure out what I'm doing on Github and how to use git so consider this repo perpetually never ready for prime time. mmmkay?

Note of Disclaimer: I'm not responsible for any loss of employment, limb, physical welfare of any kind, professional political drama, etc etc for the usage of this material in places of work, school, et al for or non-profit. ( ゚Д゚)y─┛~~

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