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ISPConfig Kickstarter (ispckickstarter)

This is an ISPConfig installer (bash-script) which will make a fully fledged webserver out of a fresh debian jessie based linux machine. You can configure it by simple replacing some variables in the configuration file and it will run completely unattended.


DO NOT USE IT in production environments or if you don't know how to solve problems related to debian or webservers in general. Use it at your own risk!

My advice: try it in an virtual environment first.


You need to configure a static IP-address before running this script and install the required packages: dnsutils and locate.

Download the following files (same directory):

  • (the ISPConfig-installer)
  • ispckickstarter.conf (the configuration file)
  • xbi.lib (the installer "library")


  • Edit the configuration file ispckickstarter.conf and replace the base variables with your own values
  • Make executable with: chmod +x
  • Run the following command as root and go for a coffee: ./


  • If something goes wrong, you can check the file ispckickstarter.log where all the tasks and console-output is stored.
  • The installer will autogenerate the required passwords and writes them into ispckickstarter.pwd during the installation.
  • The roundcube-installer is currently not available (it is not available in debian jessie right now), so you have to install it by yourself and squirrelmail needs to be configured manually too.


You can watch the installer here.