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Lua client for supercollider scsynth and supernova. Pure lua implementation based on standard portable modules: lualanes, wxlua, luasocket, plus some custom modules: osclua, pmidi, random.

------Lua learning resources--------

------Lua2SC learning resources---------

  • The pieces and other examples I will be uploading.
  • Ctrl+I will find the source of most keywords (those in pale blue color in the IDE)
  • I am open to any questions posted as issues in Lua2SC repository.

------Ubuntu Studio building requirements --------- All of them can be installed with sudo apt install

  • cmake (should be >= 3.13)
  • libasound2-dev

and for wx module

  • libgtk2.0-dev
  • libgl1-mesa-dev
  • freeglut3-dev


from build directory:

  • set LUAJIT_BIN to the desired installation absolute location in init_cmake.bat (.sh)
  • add -DBUILD_WXLUA=ON in init_cmake.bat if you wish to also build wx module.
  • run init_cmake.bat (or copy to
  • make
  • make install

you will get Lua2SC installed directory where you pointed LUAJIT_BIN to.

this directory can be copied anywhere.

--------------To first try---------------------

run: Lua2SC.bat or

  1. set Debug/settings
  2. Supercollider/BootSC (wait until booted)
  3. open simple_theme (or any other) in lua2SC\examples\
  4. Debug/run (F6)
  5. Debug/Cancel run (F5)

Alt text

------------Using lillypond--------------------

  1. Find location of lilypond executable in Debug->Settings
  2. Set as first line in script: LILY = require"sc.lilypond"
  3. Set as last line in script: LILY:Gen(initial beat,last beat)
  4. Run as plain lua script with F7

------------Using Non real time---------------

  1. Set as first line in script: NRT = require"sc.nrt":Gen(number of beats to render)
  2. Run script with Run Lua2SC (F6)