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Hello, from the Sonr Team 👋

🙋‍♀ A Short Intro

Sonr is building the most immersive DWeb experience for both Users and Developers alike. We believe the best way to onboard the next billion users is to create a cohesive end-to-end platform that’s composable and interoperable with all existing protocols.

🍿 Fun Facts

For this we built our Networking layer in Libp2p and our Layer 1 Blockchain with Starport. Our network comprises of two separate nodes: Highway and Motor, which each have a specific use case on the network. In order to maximize the onboarding experience, we developed our own embeddable node named "Motor", which has native functionality for discovery, exchange, transmission, and wallet interactions.

👩‍💻 Useful Resources

Links Repos Articles
Homepage sonr-io/sonr Getting a Sonr Grant
Documentation sonr-io/nebula-react Our Grant Process
Social Media sonr-io/did-go Sonr's Highway SDK


  1. sonr Public

    Official Sonr Node Library for Handling Networking and Data

    Go 7 3

  2. blockchain Public

    The Official Blockchain Implementation in Go

    TypeScript 3 1

  3. highway-sdk Public

    The Official Highway SDK Node Implementation in Go

    HTML 3

  4. motor-ts Public


  5. Dart

  6. motor-ios Public



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