Swift library like numpy, playgrounds notebook like jupyter.
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Swift playground book like numpy and jupyter notebook.

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How to install, iPad

How to build Playground Book

You have to install Swift playgrounds application via AppStore. And, build playground book using the following commands.

cd Tools
./build-book.rb     # build playground for iPad and Xcode

How to send Swift.playgrounds

One can send playground book to iPad via AirDrop.

Drag and drop to your iPad in AirDrop view, like below image.


After sending playground book to your iPad, following alert is shown on yours. And then tap Playgrounds in order to import it into Swift playgrounds.app.

screen shot 2017-03-08 at 0 08 13

How to use on Xcode

Double click playground file to open it, and then playground view will be opened. One can open playground view by tapping the icon inside red circle in the below image.