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0.9 (2014-10-21)
- Support for overriding named bundles when using the ``webassets.bundles``
setting. Files earlier in the list take precedence and can override named
bundles defined in later files. Combined with asset specifications for the
file names this makes it easy to extend the bundle configuration of other
0.8 (2014-08-04)
- Support versions of webassets v0.8.x, v0.9.x, and 0.10.x.
- Support glob specifications for input files.
- Introduced support for specifying the base directory and input files, and
output directories using asset specs. Patches by Randall Leeds and John
Anderson, documentation by Javier Gonel. See and .
- A new configuration directive, ``add_webassets_setting``, that updates the
provided key and value in the webassets environment configuration can be
called from ``Configurator`` instances.
- A new configuration directive, ``add_webassets_path``, that adds an
additional mapping from a path to a URL prefix can be called from
``Configurator`` instances. Patch by Jason Brumwell.
- Support for ``auto_build``, ``jst_namespace``, and ``url_expire``
webassets settings. Patches by Svante Paldan, Olaf Conradi, and Randall
Leeds. See and .
- A new ``paths`` setting allows a JSON dictionary of mappings from paths to
URLs to be specified in order to support multiple load paths and URL
prefixes. Patch by metagriffin.
- Support for multiple values in the ``load_path`` setting. Patch by Greg
Kempe. See .
- A new ``cache_max_age`` setting controls the expiration and caching
behavior of the static view. The value of this setting is passed through to
the ``add_static_view`` invocation.
- A ``bundles`` setting can now be specified which lists YAML files to parse
for bundle definitions. Earlier entries override bundles defined in later
entries. Patch by metagriffin and multiple value support by Randall Leeds.
See .
- Configuration values prefixed with the string 'json:' are parsed as JSON
before being passed to webassets. Patch by metagriffin.
Bug Fixes
- Assets can now be built without an active request.
- The ``cache`` and ``manifest`` options now support valid non-boolean values
as described by the webassets documentation. Patch by Mike Wirth. See .
- If the ``cache`` argument specifies a directory ensure that it exists.
Patch by metagriffin. See .
- Cleaned up documentation markup. Patch by Michael Merickel.
- Fix typo in documentation of ``url_expire`` setting. The setting had been
spelled (incorrectly) as ``url_expires``. Patch by Greg Kempe.
See .
- Add an example of building assets from the command line.
- Include the MIT License.
Backwards Incompatibilities
- Support for webassets releases older than v0.8 has been dropped.
- A static view for the configured directory and url is no longer added
automatically. Set the configuration value ``static_views`` to true to have
it added when pyramid_webassets is included.