Neural Network Libraries - C Runtime
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NNabla C Runtime

This is a runtime library for inference Neural Network created by Neural Network Libraries.

Neural Network Libraries and Neural Network Console can output DNN training result as NNP file.

File Format Converter can convert NNP file into NNB file interpreted by Runtime or C Source Code to call Functions.

This library has the following features.

  • It is almost independent from external libraries and is written in Pure C (C99).
    • almost mean it depends C standard math library.
  • It has been developed with priority over readability rather than performance, making it ideal for learning and porting.
  • It adopts an extensible architecture, and you can use the function you implemented yourself as necessary for applications that need performance.
  • Provides CLI utility that can infer NNB file and dump NNB to confirm network I/O or function list.

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